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We at Naik Waterproofing are focused on offering the best roof waterproofing, as we are the experts in this field. It is essential to restore the condition of the roof, which will eliminate the risk of water leakage. In the modern world, the current living space has an abstract design. It is important to implement terrace waterproofing solutions to resist leakage. It is the best way to experience heavy rainfall and insulation against heat loss. Relax and enjoy your summers and winters. Get a high standard of your life by helping in the proper maintenance of open living spaces.

Highly Protective Roof Waterproofing Solutions

Our exclusive roof waterproofing methods will work with every chemical-based waterproofing treatment. Our trained experts will prevent seepage and water leakage in the building. We use innovative solutions and tools to complete the waterproofing. We deliver the best exterior wall crack filling waterproofing solutions according to region inspection. We also work on all the pre-existing waterproofing treatments. We make sure to save the structures suffering from issues. Our services will help in the structures’ reliability, efficiency, and durability. Our service demands are increasing rapidly, as we offer the most reliable services.

Elegant Terrace Waterproofing Solutions

India always experiences the usage of traditional materials in terrace waterproofing. Our trained workers will use lime terracing or brickbat Coba to deliver the waterproofing project. These methods will ensure the best insulation effect against heat in the building. However, we will be using innovative techniques that suit the best for your requirement. Our waterproofing services include consultation in finding the causes of leakage in your structure. It enables the proper application of the methodology to eliminate the damage. We have listed all the causes of leakage that could damage the building.
  • Small or large cracks on the top surface of the structure. It needs to have better waterproofing solutions with the slab injection repair process.
  • Excessive water seepage and poor quality of concrete is the major cause of damage.
  • Poor slab construction needs engineers’ opinion to take care of the damage.
  • The bottom part of the slab gets cracks due to excessive expansion because of the heat. The leakage needs to be taken care of using hydrophobic PU. It is a form injection used in the process.
  • Our waterproofing solutions will deal with the cracks caused by differential settlement of the building structure. Soil experts inspect and deliver the opinions before and during the construction.

Advantages of Terrace and Roof Treatment

We offer multiple advantages for every client through terrace and roof waterproofing solutions. Get service for our exclusive expertise with the best management of the building.
  • We offer the elimination of leakage issues for every part of the property. Our bathroom waterproofing services will ensure damage-free floors and ceilings. Get the best condition of the interior and exterior walls.
  • It will help reduce the room temperatures and have the proper ventilation.
  • Inhibition of growth of pathogenic microorganisms and algae in the structure.

Types of Waterproofing Methods

Our trained professionals will use all the useful materials for waterproofing services in the building. Product usage entirely depends on the condition, and the requirement is fixed after the inspection.  

Cementitious Waterproofing

This process includes the easy mix application for wet areas in internal areas. It is mainly used in bathrooms. It can affect the expansion process due to weathering in the structure. It is used for coating in such regions where water treatment is not done correctly. This method protects treatment plants, sewage, dams, tunnels and bridges.

Liquid Waterproofing Membrane


Our experts will use this unique coating to eliminate the damage caused by humidity and water. Most importantly, it will offer more flexibility with the usage of the liquid waterproofing membrane. The product will turn into a rubbery coating and protect walls against liquid. The product has elongation properties which could be increased up to 280%.


Bituminous Coating Waterproofing

This is another unique way of waterproofing the building with a polymer-grade coating. Our experts will be using this product equipped with reinforced fiber properties. It will have the proper protection against water along with a high flexibility ratio. The application is similar to asphalt coating, primarily used for concrete foundations. However, keeping the product without exposing it to the sunlight is recommended. That’s because the product is unique and will become brittle and fragile in the long run.

Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing

We will be using this technique only for low sloped roofs to deliver high performance. The product has self-adhesive properties and combined polymers, fillers, and asphalt. Special resins and oils are also being included to improve adhesion. It offers longevity and the ability to withstand tear and wear. Even in extreme weathering conditions, get the best out of it.

Polyurethane Liquid Membrane Waterproofing

This is one of the unique waterproofing techniques. It is done using the polyurethane liquid membrane. It is an expensive option and is mainly used in flat roof-based areas. Due to its high quality, it can withstand exposed weathering and the properties of flexibility.


  • Is Waterproofing services effective for every condition?
    Ans: Yes, Waterproofing is entirely dependent on the protection of the building. Our service ultimately depends on the product selection and the condition of the affected area. Our experts are highly reliable in providing the best solution and are highly effective in every situation.
  • Are waterproofing services expensive?
  • Ans: No, we will be offering tailored waterproofing only based on the requirement. We offer budget-friendly services and maintain the quality of the service. Get connected with our experts and have a free inspection to estimate the benefits correctly.