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What We Do

NAIK WATERPROOFING CENTER IS one of the well known services providers, engaged in offering waterproofing services for concrete structures and buildings.

Why choose us

Diligent & Prompt Services, High Quality Results,Effective Analysis of Area to be Water Proofed,Efficient Customer Support

Our Mission

Waterproofing is a technique to prevent commercial properties, public buildings, high rises buildings from water in order to protect interiors finish of buildings.

As a leading waterproofing services provider in pune , we at Naik Waterproofing Center offer in-line waterproofing solutions complying with the latest industry and safety standards. In addition, all our hired employees have undergone a stern analysis of their experience and skills, which further ensure our gold-standard services.
While looking for the bathroom waterproofing services, roof/terrace waterproofing solutions or best exterior wall crack filler service in pune, we are your best option. Since our inception, we have always made it our goal to satisfy the ever-growing demands of our clients with utmost perfection. Our waterproofing services specialises in filling cracks from exterior surfaces to roof waterproofing using state-of-the-world methods such as latex caulk, concrete epoxy, and other ultramodern filler compounds, ensuring uncompromising durability against all weather conditions.

Services We Provide

Bathroom Waterproofing Services

Naik Waterproofing offers full-scale bathroom waterproofing services, including bathroom backflow water testing and removal techniques. If you see any leakage from the bathroom wall, paint peeling off, or any sign of mold, etc., your house faces an internal water leakage. What most waterproofing services do is create a diversion from the leaking water. This process is not a clear solution to a water leakage as the internal leakage is not solved, and the water used to leak is still leaking. What we do is detect the root cause and stop the water leakage permanently. Lack of quality bathroom waterproofing can also create dampness in the wall. This can be solved by using exterior wall crack fillers and wall crack seals. However, some wall dampness may happen due to bathroom leakage, rain leakage, kitchen leakage, etc. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the core reasons behind the issue; otherwise, it would be hard to fix the problem. Our bathroom waterproofing services are a part of our promise to provide you with a fully waterproof and water-tightened living space.

Terrace Waterproofing Solutions

Everybody loves the monsoons until it rains inside their home. With our professional terrace waterproofing solutions, you can ensure your terrace, walls, and ceilings are free from leakage, dampness, and moisture. Waterproofing flat terraces can be tricky as the surfaces are flat, which holds water stagnant for a long time, increasing the possibilities for leakage. The best way is to use a waterproofing membrane, a thin layer of waterproofing material that 100 % stops water from entering the structure. Later, a filling layer is added to the membrane’s surface to give a slope to the terrace.Get the best terrace waterproofing solutions to protect your overall building integrity with Naik Waterproofing. We provide customized solutions befitting your budget and unique requirements. Unlike most services, we never encourage our clients to go for a patchwork that hardly lasts for a year.Our terrace waterproofing solutions ensure at least ten years of a leak-free terrace. We start by coating the terrace with MasterSeal, Dr. Fixit LEC, or Kryptonite. We also ensure crack filling is done on the parapet wall as most leakage often happens due to a crack on parapet walls.

Roof Waterproofing Solutions

We specialize in roof waterproofing treatment providing a wide range of roof waterproofing solutions by identifying the root cause and recommending a long-lasting solution within a decent budget. The roof’s surface is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions resulting in corrosion and cracks in the terrace. Over time, it starts to deteriorate the roof surface leading to more or even irreversible damage to the slabs. With our roof waterproofing services, we ensure to make your concrete structure water-tight, so it will be impossible for a drop of water to get by.

Exterior Wall Crack Filler

It’s common for cracks to form on the weakest areas in your structures, such as walls and floorings. You can extend the life of your plaster and structural surface by using the best exterior wall crack filler. It ensures the durability of a structure and prevents it from further damage. Our waterproofing services specializes in filling cracks from exterior surfaces using state-of-the-world methods such as latex caulk, concrete epoxy, and other ultramodern filler compounds, ensuring uncompromising durability against all weather conditions.The best exterior wall crack filler differs as per the situation based on the size of the crack, the cause of the crack, the kind of strain used in the concrete and more. Our team of experts possess all the tools and experience to provide you with the best exterior wall crack filler solutions through a technology-driven and result-oriented approach.

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Amit Shirkar
Amit Shirkar
Team of very professional and skilled employees. On time response and availability. Warranty based working hence reliable.
Madhavi Chitnis
Madhavi Chitnis
These people are very punctual and understand your need perfectly. They finished my job well before time. Couldn't give them a perfect five star rating only and only because the cleaning of the house was not done properly on the last day as it got quite late by the time they finished the job. However, the workers did everything I told them to do, like where ever a little "re-do" was needed. Otherwise their service is really good. The product quality they use is also good. The men they sent were very decent and very polite. All in all a very good experience.
Karan Bhoi
Karan Bhoi
Experienced Very good service and supporting staff.
vaibhav shende
vaibhav shende
Naik Waterproofing did a phenomenal job. They solved the issue of water leakage with the most cost effective solution of 3 other companies we sought. They were prompt right from initial site visit to getting job done. Would recommend Naik Waterproofing ☺️
Pratik Sarkar
Pratik Sarkar
We are just started with this organization, till now the experience of their response is excellent, further quality and finishing experience share shortly. Good luck for coming days.👍
Pushkar Muley
Pushkar Muley
They are the best in performing the water proofing services at site as well as giving confidence and guarantee for their work. Very systematic professional , dedicated and commited to what they promise. Would like to recommend to all.
supriya joshi
supriya joshi
The work was done without any hassles... Very informative team and have also guided us in many related issues without any delay... Highly recommend them
Ajinkya Bhujbal
Ajinkya Bhujbal
We found best quality work, work completed on said timings at very affordable rates with best quality/ superior work. All the best Naik brothers and will strongly recommend

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